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A Little About Me...

M name is Rikki; owner, creator, designer and hands on girl that makes all of this happen! I am the designer, creator, manager, marketer, customer service rep and shipper! 

* I have been extremely blessed with the people I call my loved ones. My family is my rock and have supported my free spirited ways the whole way through. I honestly would not be here, doing any of this if it wasn't for their support. 

* I just turned 40 this year! My goodness, I am not sure where the times goes but it flies! I am a mommy to the sweetest little babes, Milo my son is almost 3 and my sweet Meadow is almost 10 months old! I love being a mom and am able to work from home in my studio with my two littles by my side. 

* I love a great sense of humour! People that can make me laugh have my heart. There is nothing better than laughing until you cry...and snort! 

* I am quite shy around people I don't know, that being said, once I get to know you I will make you laugh until it hurts, talk your ear off and probably give you the shirt off my back and shoes off my feet if ever needed.

*I get bored easily! So true, in fact, I have changed so much over the years and feel as though I am still finding myself. Sometimes you need to get lost to find your way...

* I am a huge animal lover! Dog lover to be more specific. I currently have a black brindle Bull Mastiff X called Marley, she is 11 now but somedays I feel like she is still just a pup. Last August I had to say goodbye to my sweet old Justice girl, also a Mastiff X. That was truly the second hardest day of my life, she was family all the way to the end! 


My customers are really the coolest people on earth! They truly are! They mean the world to me and I am extremely grateful that they keep following me on this journey.  


A Little About The Brand...

As a designer, I create items that I love to wear everyday.  I make products that are fun and free spirited, feeling good in what you wear is so important. Standing out from everyone else is a huge part of why I do what I do.  Being yourself and being unique is something every woman should embrace, be free and let your true beauty show through. 

A Little About The Products...

Every item is handcrafted in Canada (Alberta to be exact) with my own two hands.  I do not have factories or warehouses full of stock, everything is made and shipped from my home studio.  I try very hard to source out supplies that are manufactured in Canada as well, supporting local is extremely important to me. 

A Little About The Process...

With each new item that is created, a little piece of my heart and soul is weaved through the design. I sketch out every design by hand and make all of my own patterns. Once I get to a point where I am happy I make a "mock" up piece to see if my crazy design will even see the light of day. 

I have a great deal of fun naming each piece, I find that everything I make has such a great story to tell and how can you tell a story without starting with a name!  I gravitate towards Native American culture, the beauty in the ancient culture speaks to me. Every item that has a name in my collection is Native American inspired.

Thank you so much for following along and getting to know a little about me and my little business.


"Finding yourself could be your greatest adventure"
         Make sure you follow me on Instagram @loveartsoul11 

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