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When you are ready to give up... don't!

Working for yourself is so rewarding but it can be so HARD too! Believe me, I have seen so many ups, downs and total whirlwinds over the past years running a home based handcrafted business it is unreal! 

Here are some of the best parts working for myself:

* I make my own schedule and can sleep in (if Milo allows it and honestly so far I have been spoiled because he is a good sleeper, we usually get up around 8:30)

* I can pretty much work on whatever I want during the day, there are deadlines but I am the one that puts them in place

* If I want to take a day off (heck, whats a day off lol) I can take a day off!

* I work from the comfort of my own home and honestly wear sweatpants like 75% of the time

* Working for myself allows me to be a stay at home mommy, this is my favorite part!

Here are my struggles working for myself:

* I have a really hard time setting boundaries for myself. There is nothing like getting taking advantage of....from YOURSELF!! 

* I run the ENTIRE company myself. This means I am the designer, the creator, the manager, the packer, the photographer, the marketing person, the assistant, the janitor lol and a mommy!!! Holy crap as I write this out I may have just realized that I am insane! 

* Sometimes making money is just the equivalent of breaking even. Its true! Sad but true my friends.

* My expenses being a leather worker are extremely high compared to other textiles. Don't get me wrong I love me some leather but hot dang its an expensive run to the supply store at times haha!


But in the end, I remind myself that I could be working for someone I look back at some of the awful bosses I have had (I have had some really GREAT ones too) I get anxiety just thinking about it.  Especially now that I am a mommy, I can't imagine giving up any of this to go back to work for someone else.  

Even if I have had a rough day, I usually wake up the next morning inspired, motivated and excited for the day and my projects! 

So when you are ready to give up, count your blessings,  I need to remind myself of this often. Being human means taking things for granted and I am no exception. If you have a dream PLEASE do not give up on it even when it seems hard, believe me you will thank yourself one day.

Love and light my friends, I believe in you, always!! ;)



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