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Standing Out From The Crowd

These days there are so many incredible makers out there, isn't there? Social media too has made the handmade revolution spread like wildfire.  Its easy to either get lost in the crowd or get intimidated by it all when your starting out.

Finding your path as a maker can be tough, and what's even harder is how the heck to stand out from the crowd! 

I have attended so many markets in the past, as a vendor and a customer and while there is a large saturation of same goods I find myself very drawn to the uniqueness of some vendors. 

I will say that I attest most of my success to my uniqueness. Standing out is how you get seen, its how I believe you need to define yourself as a maker/designer/artist.

Here are a couple tips from me when your starting out but may feel a little unsure about your work or, you feel lost and want to stand out:

1. Figure out what your passion is and run with it! If you are a painter, clothing designer, furniture designer etc... whatever it is that sets your soul on fire, well that's it!!! If you love it and want others to as, go for it!

2. Never be shy or unsure of things that make you happy and that you are passionate about. I know as a maker sometimes we question ourselves but this is the worst thing we can do. Self doubt is debilitating as an artist, be confident in yourself and your work and it will show!

3. Make a plan! Sit down and write out everything you want to do. Even a seasoned maker should do this every once in a while to stay in check. Make sure you know your audience, where you want to sell (markets, website, wholesale, etc...) and start putting feelers out. If you really love a store that you have been in and shop at, go in and talk to them about wholesale, they may just be interested. Reach out to family and friends, ask their opinions and get them to share your work. 

4. If at all in doubt or you have questions, reach out to another maker! I have had so many artists come to me and ask questions here and there, most of us would love to help and would love to collaborate! Don't be shy. 

Just go for it! There is never a better time to reach for the stars and start making YOUR dreams happen instead of someone else's! 

Rikki xo.


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