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My Inspiration and what keeps me going

I get asked quite often where all of my inspiration comes from. To be honest, inspiration comes extremely easy to me, at times to easy!

Since I was a little girl, making and creating always piqued my interest. Inspired by colors, textures and unique finds, my creativity has never stopped flowing.

I have great memories from when I was little, going shopping with my mom and always stopping at the little craft store in the local mall to check out the craft supplies. I would come home with a bag full of new stuff and new ideas.  Many of my family members got quite a few handmade gifts over the years. ;)

Now as a full time designer and creator inspiration flows through me like a river. I can be in the middle of 5 projects and all of a sudden I get inspired to try something new! It is a bit of an annoyance though, it's like a drug, a habit I can't quit. When I crave something new I have to try it, just to see if it will turn out or not. 

Honestly it is great to have so much inspiration, it keeps my mind busy, my soul nourished and my heart happy. My issue with all of this though is trying to concentrate and focus on what needs to be done. I have a hard time with consistency, everyday routine and just doing the same ol' same ol'. I love to think that I am organized and that I have it all together, but let's be real lol I am all about randomness at times, flying by the seat of my pants and being spontaneous. I think this is just a natural trait that artists have, otherwise how would we get all these crazy ideas!

I absolutely love change (not like drastic change your life for the worst kinda change) but rather a new direction, change that will inspire you and bring you down another path. I thrive on it and live by it! I feel that much of my inspiration comes from change and new beginnings.

Nature is a huge draw for me, I have always been an explorer, playing outside with dirt in between my toes. The colors, the sounds and the smells. Sometimes I just sit and listen and ideas just come my way. Beauty is all around us if we choose to see it. ;)






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