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It's a New Dawn, It's a New Day...


As we are thrown into a new year, so many things cross our minds including our resolutions! "This year, I am going to KEEP my resolutions no matter what"! Oh ya, I have told myself this every year with that very intention, but who's kidding, its so easy to fall off that horse time and time again.

That being said, I have quite a few changes in store for my little business and cant wait to put some of them into action. Some are super exciting, some scary and so many unknowns at this point. 

I am all about fresh starts! I feel like its a cleansing of the old and unwanted and time to start new, fresh ideas, new paths taken and new partnerships.  I have some resolutions business wise that I am going to try and keep and here are a couple I would love to share with you along with a couple changes in store as well:

1. First and foremost (and this one is pretty big for me) this year my main focus will be online sales... this means less local markets. This change is exciting but also a really scary step forward, I have grown my little business from doing local markets, meeting people face to face has been such an amazing experience for me. As I focused more on in person sales, my online / marketing has suffered immensely.Focusing more on my long awaited website will allow me to showcase many more items for sale and reach out to all those customers that can't make it to my markets.  I had so many messages last year asking if there were any other place to buy my items instead of in person. Although I did take many (and I mean MANY) orders through Instagram, Facebook and Etsy, it was hard doing it this way. I felt like I was all over the place, unorganized and stressed to be honest. I love my customers and want the experience to be amazing, for everyone involved including myself! Focusing on my website will allow everyone to buy my items in the comfort of their homes!

2. This year I plan on doing less (if any) custom orders.  I know, I know, this is also a big one. The past year I have been contacted by so many lovely customers trying to get custom orders made up. While I took on most of them and ended up really pleased with the end results, I felt like I was losing my sense of direction and my freedom to create. When you take on custom orders, they take so much more time than items I usually create, they require different supplies which in turn takes more time to search out and more money on my part to buy these items over and above my regular stock.  Being an artist/designer to me has always been an outlet for so many things. Moving forward, I feel I need to allow myself to be free again, design and create without borders and showcase my own style.  Customs have pushed me out of my comfort zone though and I am so appreciative of that! 

3. With the previous change in mind, I plan on adding more one of a kind items to my website. This is so exciting for me, mainly because this is how my leather bags started! I would create beautiful pieces with repurposed items such as doileys, beads, leather belts etc... and just loved how I could be free with each new item and they were all so unique. There is nothing better than having something that is handmade and one of a kind these days! I also get bored very easily (haha if you knew me or have followed along you know that already). Not that I don't love making numerous of the same item, but there is something so thrilling about someone buying a one of a kind item because it calls to them and they just have to have it!

4. Moving forward, I may do more collaborations/partnerships with other makers, I am not too sure what this means at this point but possibly take on items from other shops that fit my brand and offer them on my site (nothing like one stop shopping...right?)

Love and light my dear friends. I plan to take on this new year with force and hope you will continue to follow along. ;)

Rikki xo.


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