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Getting in the Christmas Spirit!

Happy Holidays from me and my two fur babies...Justice (Fuzzy Bum Bear) and Marley (Monkey Piglet Magoo).
Christmas in my family is all about love! Since I can remember, my parents would go all out when it came to Christmas, the baking, the traditions, the presents, the music and the tree! My mom has always had the best Christmas tree! I remember every Christmas Eve, not being able to sleep, thinking "oh my gosh tomorrow is Christmaaaaaas!" Thinking I would totally be the first awake, when really my sister was even more excited than me, she would wake my brother and I up at like 5 am, then my parents! Of course, we would all wake up in excitement, knowing that we have all been waiting for this day for the past year.
Honestly, it wasn't about the gits at all, but rather the joy just being together, playing games, tobogganing and sleigh rides! My family has always been my rock and I must say that the holidays have always been pretty epic with my crew and I am so lucky to have been brought up with all of this love and positivity.
These days its more about spoiling the nieces and nephews, still playing games, rockin' the xmas tunes and all around good vibes!.
I thank you all for such an amazing past year! I send love and happiness to you and your families this holiday season.
Enjoy all of the little things, laugh, love, eat too much and have a blast!
Merry Christmas ;)

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