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Easy like Sunday...afternoon?

There is nothing better than Sunday! In my books anyways.  Many Sundays have been spent relaxing, spending time with family, seeking adventure, hiking, fishing, you name it!  All good things happen on Sunday! But, these days I can honestly say "Sunday, I miss you, why are we no longer friends?"

Since making the BIG decision to quit my day job in Marketing/Publications a couple years ago, Sunday unfortunately has become just another day to me.  Working for yourself sounds like an absolute dream to some, and believe me I was that girl that would walk into work everyday with a fake smile on my face and a grey cloud above my head (well ok maybe that's a tad dramatic but some days I really felt this way, thankfully I had the best office team to work with that were like family and I miss seeing them everyday) but all day long I would secretly think to myself "If only I could finally work for myself, I would be so much happier, I would make more money and life would be so much more than it has become".

When you are an artist, believe me, it is so painful working for someone else when "creating art" isn't the main task everyday.  I felt as though my soul was slowly dying, my heart was aching and I was totally losing who I was as a person and an artist.  Seriously, it was a long hard road and for any of you that have to work for someone else but know you were meant for so much more completely understands what I am talking about!  Not that I was ungrateful for the job that I had, I did get so many creative experiences and so many opportunities, it was unreal! But, it wasn't enough!

I get asked quite often, "Do you still work full time along with working for yourself?" and the look I get in return is always sooo good! They are always amazed when I say "No, actually I quite my day job and have never looked back!"

I'm definitely not saying that it is easy, some days its quite the opposite.  You need some serious motivation, stamina, creative force and drive to keep the momentum going.  Being creative everyday can be really hard!  Seriously, there are days that I physically just cannot make anything because my heart and mind are so exhausted.  This is definitely something I never thought would be an issue when I was still at my day job, I thought if I could create everyday, all day I would be the happiest person...but in reality some days are just harder than some.

Working full time for yourself has other downfalls as well like; you don't ever really get a paycheck, every two weeks that expected paycheck that we get use to just isn't there. Getting paid is extremely sporadic and sometimes non-existent!

Setting a regular schedule is ridiculous when you work for yourself, when you're the boss and the staff you don't have anyone else to be accountable to.  It's easy to make excuses, its easy to get distracted and its easy to get off course.  I am currently still the only "employee" running this gig of mine, I don't have any staff that I currently employ, I make literally everything you see listed on Instagram and my website with my own two hands. 

All that said, I still love my job! I wouldn't change it for anything but I am still learning that taking breaks is OK, taking a day or even two off is OK and that working on Sundays is LUDACRIS! Haha, seriously, I was working away on a couple things earlier today when all of a sudden it hit me, "what the heck am I doing? tomorrow is already Monday and I haven't taken a day off!"

My goal, honestly, is to stop working weekends all together. I truly believe that this time should be spent with family and friends, finding yourself and what truly makes you happy. 

Thanks so much for popping in!  Happy Sunday to you! xo



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