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When you are ready to give up... don't!

Working for yourself is so rewarding but it can be so HARD too! Believe me, I have seen so many ups, downs and total whirlwinds over the past years running a home based handcrafted business it is unreal!  Here are some of the best parts working for myself: * I make my own schedule and can sleep in (if Milo allows it and honestly so far I have been spoiled because he is a good sleeper, we usually get up around 8:30) * I can pretty much work on whatever I want during the day, there are deadlines but I...

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Studio Reveal

AFTER!!!! Studio Reveal! This has been a long time in the works, well mainly more of a thought than actually in the works.  But here it is!! Light airy and so pretty with pink being my accent color. I used a pretty, light blush/dusty rose pink on the closet doors and I absolutely LOVE how it turned out! I am obsessed and never thought painting closet doors would have such a dramatic impact, I might just have to paint a few more! I can't even share the color of the paint, I had some left over paint from the walls...

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Standing Out From The Crowd

These days there are so many incredible makers out there, isn't there? Social media too has made the handmade revolution spread like wildfire.  Its easy to either get lost in the crowd or get intimidated by it all when your starting out. Finding your path as a maker can be tough, and what's even harder is how the heck to stand out from the crowd!  I have attended so many markets in the past, as a vendor and a customer and while there is a large saturation of same goods I find myself very drawn to the uniqueness of some...

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Easy like Sunday...afternoon?

There is nothing better than Sunday! In my books anyways.  Many Sundays have been spent relaxing, spending time with family, seeking adventure, hiking, fishing, you name it!  All good things happen on Sunday! But, these days I can honestly say "Sunday, I miss you, why are we no longer friends?" Since making the BIG decision to quit my day job in Marketing/Publications a couple years ago, Sunday unfortunately has become just another day to me.  Working for yourself sounds like an absolute dream to some, and believe me I was that girl that would walk into work everyday with a fake smile on...

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My Inspiration and what keeps me going

I get asked quite often where all of my inspiration comes from. To be honest, inspiration comes extremely easy to me, at times to easy! Since I was a little girl, making and creating always piqued my interest. Inspired by colors, textures and unique finds, my creativity has never stopped flowing. I have great memories from when I was little, going shopping with my mom and always stopping at the little craft store in the local mall to check out the craft supplies. I would come home with a bag full of new stuff and new ideas.  Many of my family...

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